What we do

We provide expert knowledge, guidance and support tools to help you plan your office move or refurbishment.

Our diverse range of informative guides and checklists act as a roadmap for the complete relocation process and our web-based tools help you calculate your fit out costs, occupancy expenses and project timescales.

Moving office is often a complex process and any mistakes could prove costly. Strategy Hat aims to simplify this process in order to allow you to implement key decisions with confidence ensuring your office relocation or refurbishment is a smooth and stress-free process.



How much office space do you need?



How much will your office fit out cost?



How long will your office relocation take?



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Why Strategy Hat?

Strategy Hat was formed around the basic premise that when entering into a complex and capital intensive buying process such as an office move, there is a fundamental necessity for specialist knowledge and guidance before engaging fully with the process.

Our team periodically gathers information from experienced professionals in the key disciplines needed for a workplace design, build and relocation project. Our guides and checklists aim to provide you with the planning capabilities of a seasoned professional, giving you confidence and peace of mind as you plan your office move and commit to your supply chain.

All figures in our calculator tools are updated regularly to ensure the most accurate office space, project budget and relocation timescale estimates.

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