5 Office Design Trends for 2022

There has been much debate around the office and its place in our working lives in the last 18 months. Quirky designs and making an office space a desirable place to come is set to be the determining factor for employers wanting to tempt staff back to the office. Here are our top 5 trends we feel will have much traction in 2022.

Biophilic design

A biophilic office design has fast become a key design element for offices and time working at home has strengthened the demand for natural elements in the workplace. With people working at their kitchen tables and near pot plants in their homes, these things are what staff expect to have in their offices.

Biophilic design can also include designing your office to incorporate natural light, colour and natural features like wood and stone. Through these natural features and textures, you can get health benefits by bringing the ‘outdoors inside.’

Biophilic design has picked up much traction in recent years thanks to numerous studies that have proven that by incorporating elements of nature into the workplace, staff productivity, creativity and morale have all increased.

Sustainability will be a priority

As a community, we need to do more to reduce our carbon footprint and build a more sustainable future. The focus on sustainability has become a key focal point for individuals and businesses. Thus, sustainable design practices and materials will be a huge design trend for 2022.

There are lots of simple, eco-friendly design practices that can reduce a building’s energy usage and waste. By incorporating a high-efficiency system like LED lighting, taking advantage of natural light, sticking to low-emission materials and using re-purposed furniture, businesses can easily lessen their environmental impact.

Wellbeing and human-centric approach

In 2022 prioritising employee safety is necessary, the purpose of the office is now to safeguard people’s health and well-being. To reassure your staff and attract them back, certificates like WELL and Fitwell will demonstrate the safety of your office.

Recreating the homely feel at work via natural lighting, cosy textures and materials can help create a sense of calm. Including these comforts can have a positive influence on your team’s wellbeing and aid with their transition back to work.

Flexibility at work

Flexible working is nothing new but has had huge traction in 2021. With many employees working remotely, or partially remotely, you may need less floor space. Rather than allocating everyone an individual desk, design an office with an open plan workspace, agile areas and task-focused work zones to accommodate a fluctuating headcount.

It is also important to design according to the type of work your staff undertake. As workplaces are set to become centres for communication and collaboration, meeting rooms and gathering spaces are important. Yet don’t forget about those members of staff who struggle to work from home, thus solo design elements, like installing pods means various work styles are designed for.

Smart Offices

Many offices are now smart but what exactly is a smart office? A smart office uses sensors and microscopes to collect data and manage it according to business functions. This helps owners, operators and facilities managers improve efficiencies and building performance, resulting in reduced energy usage and optimisation of how space is used. Installing automated sensors for monitoring temperature, desk occupancy and security not only saves money and time but allows employees to work on other more productive tasks.


If you have any questions about 2022 design trends or would like to speak to our workplace consultant, please contact one of our specialists.