How to Build an Office Space for a Growing Business

If your business is expanding rapidly, you’re likely to be feeling cramped and restricted in your current workspace. If you are considering an office move then there are several key things to consider that are especially important for a growing business. To help, we have put together a key list of office design tips that will enable your new space to grow and evolve with you.

Predict your future growth

When designing an office space for a growing company it is especially important to plan ahead for future growth. Building an office with too much space can have residual effects on your profitability; building an office with too little space can limit performance and restrict your growth. Consider your projected headcount in five years’ time – will your new office accommodate this number of people? The last thing you want is to invest time and money into an office build only to outgrow it shortly after. If your business’s growth trajectory is uncertain, you could consider negotiating expansion or subletting options into your lease that would allow for flexibility in the future.

Define your company culture with your office design

Your workspace is the experience of every single person who walks into your office. It is a visual reminder of your company culture, values and ethos and these will be visible to clients and employees alike. As such, a strong sense of your culture should be embedded into your workplace design. For a company that is evolving rapidly this can be a particularly important tool to streamline your business’s future direction.

Create a workspace that will attract top talent

To achieve your future growth plans you need to continue to attract top talent. With a current unemployment rate of 3.7%, the workforce is no longer forced to compete for jobs. Instead, companies must compete for the best employees. In a recent study by design and build firm, Oktra, 82% of employees said that when looking for a new job a forward-thinking office design would make them more inclined to want the position. Taking this into account, consider implementing the WELL Building Standard into your new office design. Choose a building that allows natural light in, create breakout spaces to help combat stress and build an environment that enhances your employee’s life at work.

Design a flexible workspace

If your business is expanding rapidly you need an office space that is flexible. Open floor plans with demountable walls, mobile screens, moveable whiteboards and lightweight furniture can help facilitate movement and flexibility. Such freedom of movement makes it easy to bring new people on board and allows for better space utilization in a growing company.

Use technology for hot-desking and remote working

The latest technology can support your growing company by fully optimizing office space and facilitating seamless remote work. Modern workplace apps, improved video conferencing and online collaboration tools all enable remote working in a way that hasn’t been possible before.
Taking this one step further, motion sensors can now log when desks, meeting rooms or communal areas are occupied. This allows employers to introduce hot-desking and activity-based flexible work areas in order to fully utilize the space that has been created through remote working.

These sensors can also provide crucial insights into how your current office space is being used; enabling your business to adapt and improve different spaces as deemed necessary.

Decide on the right procurement method

Designing and building a new office space for a growing company is a major investment, so you want to make sure you choose the right procurement method. A traditional procurement method approaches the design, bid and build separately. A design and build procurement method provides’ a complete service from concept to completion. For a growing company, a design and build procurement method maybe beneficial. They will provide expert advice throughout the entire process and will take full accountability for timeframes, cost and the quality of the build. Some design and build companies also offer continued support after the build has been completed; allowing for the seamless development of your office space as your company continues to grow.