Office Interior Design Ideas Fit for 2019

If you are considering relocating to a new office or refurbishing your current space, it is important to consider current and future design trends. This does not concern aesthetics, so much as a modern, functional workspace that supports the productivity of your team. Different generations have different expectations of their workplace, and a successful office design should support and encourage diverse ways of working.

Which design ideas are likely to shape office fit out projects in the future? Here are our predictions:


Our increased awareness of the effects of nature on our wellbeing means many offices are including biophilic design. People have an instinctive need to connect with nature, and this connection supports psychological restoration.

32% of people feel inspired when they enter an internal space with greenery and employees have been found to be 15% more productive in a biophilic environment. A healthy, inspired and productive team are at the heart of a successful business, and are less likely to take days off work,

This can be as simple as introducing desk plants for employees, or incorporating a living wall into your workspace. A green wall is a living work of art and can filter air as well as creating energy-rich oxygen, so it is good to look at, and good for your health!

Inclusive workspaces

Open plan office layouts don’t suit everyone. In fact, the constant hustle and bustle of an open plan environment can seriously affect concentration levels – and therefore productivity.

To minimise workplace distractions, office fit outs across London have seen a sharp increase in quiet zones and private booths where employees have their own space to think. Relaxation spaces and breakout areas improve employee satisfaction and offer flexibility during the working day.

This trend is part of an overall change of awareness in how productive people work. To attract and retain top talent, workplaces need to embrace and offer an employee-centric office layout. In fact, the focus on employee happiness is linked to our final 2019 design: flexibility.

Experience-driven space

The experience your employees, clients, customers or visitors have of your space will shape their impression of your organisation, so make sure it’s a positive one that makes you stand out.

Experience-driven spaces contain functional amenities, which can include anything from espresso bars, meditation rooms and games rooms, to rock-climbing walls, football pitches and swimming pools.

Nurturing the employee experience offers many business benefits: greater collaboration, cohesive working systems, increased staff loyalty and retention, and a productive team. Focus on user-centric elements when designing your new workspace, or updating your current space to keep up with workforce needs in 2019.

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