3 Business Benefits of an Office Relocation

In modern office design, space isn’t a luxury commodity; it’s an essential. How you work in that space has a direct impact on what you do, and how productive you are. Fact.

That said, ‘now’ is only part of the story. What about the future? Is it time to:

  • Reassess how your company operates now, and whether staying put fits with your company vision?
  • Consider whether an office move could enable growth opportunities?
  • Review whether your office environment can adapt to future needs and demands?

It makes sense. After all, if you’ve a fully-staffed office already bursting at the seams, perhaps an office relocation would be a smart, strategic business move. Let’s look at what you could gain:

Boost Productivity

An overcrowded office filled to capacity is one of the first signs that you have outgrown your workspace. Far from being a dynamic environment, office congestion can soon affect staff morale!

If there is no space to accommodate a growing workforce, or employees can’t do their job efficiently, it can hold you back.

A larger ‘fit for purpose’ office space, meanwhile, offers greater flexibility. Let’s look at this.

Flexible Working

Does your office enable flexible work patterns? Are there designated spaces where staff can collaborate? Does your floor space now include quiet zones, or comfy breakout areas?

Another consideration is downtime. Is there anywhere for staff to relax? Eating lunch at a workstation as there’s no room elsewhere, or staff areas are standing room only, eats away at morale over time.

Happy employees are more industrious. So if your office doesn’t enable diverse, agile work spaces now, an office relocation could enable greater motivation and creativity.

Lower Costs

Of course, moving into a larger office isn’t always appropriate. Downsizing can massively cut long-term costs too.

What about your operating costs now? Could relocating offices reduce your overheads? A newly refurbished or modern office design – whether in the city or outside – could possibly cut utility and maintenance bills.

And if your office lease is up for renewal in the next year, why not review the cost benefits of staying put or relocating?

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