Can an Office Fit Out Motivate Your Staff?

Nearly a third of UK employees are not motivated at work. An all too easily overlooked factor when considering productivity levels, is office design. The right office fit out can do more than empower employees, it can change workplace culture and boost business.

Office design can play a part in switching unproductive, disenchanted employees into engaged, highly motivated ones. The relationship between happiness, wellbeing and work productivity is not a new concept, and countless business owners are recognising the benefits of rejuvenating their work space with an innovative office fit out. Does your office motivate your staff?

Intelligent office layout

An intelligent office refurbishment involves more than just swapping desks around. Your work space should be tailored to your employees’ needs, allowing individuals to thrive and bringing the best out of each and every member of your team.

In office design terms, this might mean providing quiet spaces as well as collaborative ones. A chaotic and cluttered work space can make tasks more difficult and time-consuming, increasing stress levels for some. However, a lively, shared work space may be intuitive for certain work environments. Consider your employees’ individual needs and establish a motivating environment around them.

Flexible office design

Once you create a working space that encompasses flexibility and autonomy, you increase employee options. When employees feel trusted to choose where they work in the office or even out the office, job satisfaction can shoot through the roof – along with staff loyalty. A flexible office design can create a dynamic workforce who feel truly valued.

Communication and collaboration

Knowledge workers collaborate multiple times a day, making social spaces a crucial element of successful office design. Breakout spaces encourage conversations amongst employees, encouraging collaborative thought processes and improving cohesion within your organisation.

Work-life balance

Nurturing wellbeing and achieving the right work-life balance keeps people motivated. It is important to create the right atmosphere in an office so your team feel comfortable, welcome and appreciated at work.

A ‘home from home’ feeling can help employees connect to their workplace – giving them a sense of belonging. Social spaces with comfy sofas, smart eating facilities – even a games zone – can help staff switch periodically or let off a little steam when necessary. More than that, they help people connect on a human level.

Environmental design

The lighting, noise levels and air quality all influence our mood, concentration and productivity levels. A plentiful supply of natural light is fundamental to employee experience and wellbeing. In the absence of natural light and views of the outside, employees are likely to suffer from fatigue, low moods and poor concentration levels.

Bring nature into your office creates a space where your employees’ want to spend their time. Biophilic design taps into human’s natural affinity with nature; reducing stress and helping to maintain a healthy and happy workforce.