Has Workplace Culture Overtaken Branding?

For many companies in the past, branded stationery, a logo (perhaps) emblazoned in the carpet, or company colours splashed across the office was a fast way to create a recognisable brand.

What’s fascinating, however, is how contemporary office design is steering a new age in brand identity. The focus today is to create a design which reflects what lies beneath a company – to reflect your company culture.

Branding does matter, of course. Yet your company culture communicates important truths about your values… After all, values have staying power; values make a statement about what you are like to do business with.

Crucial, then, to ask yourself these pertinent questions if you are embarking on an office refurbishment any time soon:

  • What does the office design say about us now?
  • What messages do we want the office environment to communicate to prospective clients and employees?
  • Does our office design reflect cultural values?

All thought-provoking questions, don’t you think? Let’s look at how you are more than a logo, more than strapline.

Make a powerful statement

Sometimes we get so busy running a business that we don’t take time to step back and look at it from a different angle.

This is especially important if your business has grown; it’s essential to reflect what you’ve become, not what you started out as.

Think of it this way: company culture lies beneath the immediate fixtures and fittings. Moreover, when your office design makes a statement about your values and what you care about, it serves a fundamental purpose.

Take US company TM Advertising as an example. Oozing creativity, its new office space fits the company’s ethos. Unconventional, innovative designs speak volumes about how TM Advertising does business.

As you can see, this office fit out goes beyond replicating branding. It tells new employees, stakeholders and clients that its company is forward-looking, creative, people-focused. This matters…

There is respect for how employees work, consideration of well-being, a smart use of colour and design to impart ideas.

What difference does culture really make?

Communicating your company culture through intelligent interior design has huge impact. It attracts and retains employees, for one. After all, with a reputation as a great workplace, employees become your brand ambassadors.

Added to this, a strong culture can strengthen your company brand, making it even more attractive to customers and investors.

As ever, there is much to consider from technology, different work needs and agile office approaches to company ambition, employee wellbeing and environmental factors…