How to Cut Down on Office Noise

Sound affects us profoundly. It travels, permeating space – reverberating off of every surface. As an irrepressible presence in a room which can never be switched off, it can lead office workers to distraction.

Irritating office distractions can impact on productivity levels – with constant office noise leading to frustration, stress and eventually absenteeism. Your business ultimately bears the brunt!

Therefore, creating the right level of ambient noise seems to us to be an intelligent approach to office refurbishment. Anything which reduces the incessant noise levels of an open-plan office can only be a good thing.

Where do you start if you’re planning an office fit out?


Sony Music's offices in Madrid
Sony Music’s offices in Madrid


Strategic Office Space Planning

One of the biggest complaints from office workers is the never-ending noise! Some interesting research supports the idea that we need to consider workers’ ears as well as their eyes.

As well as asking staff what their biggest bugbears are, it makes sense to get practical.

Why not:

  • Assess the acoustics of your office by identifying the noisiest elements
  • Relocate noisy activity away from the open plan arena such as designated breakout rooms
  • Introduce quiet zones and sound-proofed cubicles


BuzziSpace's 'BuzziHub'
BuzziSpace’s ‘BuzziHub’


Install Noise Reducing Furniture

To reduce noise from travelling, another option is to install noise-absorbing furniture. Innovative designs from high-backed booths and partitions to storage units and suspended ceilings can all act to diffuse sound.

An ideal time to do this is during your office refurbishment fit out. As well as creating an office design that is inspiring to look at, we are now seeing acoustic design as a key factor.