Can an Office Refurbishment be Built to Last?

An office fit out seems on the surface to be a costly outlay for any business. However, by choosing the right design, it can be a lucrative investment – leading to business growth. Of course, there’s a lot to weigh up.

How long could an office refurbishment realistically last? Can tradition blend with contemporary elements to create a design with longevity? Or is it important to constantly innovate and change the office environment to encompass new ways of working?

Take this fascinating office design in Milan. Whilst the unusual brick exterior is subtle yet arresting, the interior comes alive with its yellow spiral staircase and glass partitions. Will this design last a generation? Time will only tell.

That said, there is little doubt that great office fit out and design lasts longer when it reflects a company’s ethos. Plus if it offers an environment which boosts productivity and adapts with the times, your refurbishment can be far more durable.

So… What changes could affect the longevity of an office refurbishment?



Modern Life

Some interior design elements are timeless, while others are changing the face of office design – even altering the way we work!

Today’s technology, for instance, is shifting the office landscape. With wireless internet, and mobile computers, the days of endless rows of desks with cumbersome computers have long gone.

With cloud IT, the trend towards miniaturised, portable technology, there is more versatility than ever in the modern office.  While an office fit out today can’t possibly be future-proofed in terms of IT, we would advise you invest in an infrastructure which enables greater flexibility.


With an upturn in commercial interests in London, a very real possibility to affect your office is business growth.

How can you manage an office you’ve outgrown? Surprisingly, some offices bursting at the seams could be streamlined by a refurbishment.

Rather than relocate premises – a higher cost alternative – use a leading office refurbishment company like Oktra who can create more space and functionality than you might imagine from your current office space.

First, it’s helpful to re-assess how your current space is used. A space analysis is a useful indicator of how you use space now, and what you need to use it for in the future.