Who Wants a Multitasking Office?

Nowadays, a commercial office must tick several boxes to keep everyone happy. In essence, it needs to be a brilliant multitasker!

Creating a diverse, versatile environment is no mean feat. Yet with creative thinking, this challenge makes office refurbishment an exciting arena…

The goal is to create an intelligent infrastructure to enable staff to work seamlessly together and yet excel in private.

It also needs to inspire and be productive. Plus be functional to meet today’s needs, and yet have the capacity for future growth.

On top of this, an office interior must mirror the soul of a company, truly reflect its culture and community. Multitasking at its best!

But is it possible without cutting corners, or compromising?

Intelligent Use of Space

We often see a lot of wasted space in London offices – space which could be put to more intelligent use. Open plan offices don’t suit everyone. If anything, it’s important to plan a refurbishment with inclusive work spaces built-in.

Office noise has a negative impact on performance – hence why private pods or quiet zones are great for those who crave thinking space. Equally, comfort areas where people can congregate are fabulous spaces to inspire creativity.

Natural Inspirations

Colour psychology is another area of interior design which often affects productivity. Since people interact with their immediate surroundings, it’s worth considering how colour and texture could support your staff’s wellbeing.

Research suggests, for instance, that red dulls creative thinking, whereas green sparks new ideas. Splashes of warm colour can invigorate… Further to this, natural elements can energise an office environment.

That means featuring natural materials such as wood and plants, harnessing natural light with glass partitioning, or investing in fabulous wall art…

Having an outside space indoors can remove the ‘closed in’ feeling… And can help staff feel more liberated while working.

Is Tech a Technicality?

If you’ve read our recent post about designing an office fit out to support future growth, you’ll agree that technology is inherent in modern office design.

Without doubt, it offers an incredible versatility which you can’t afford to ignore. Technology creates more space, flexibility and resourcefulness. It’s a crucial feature of every multitasking office!

Since London is the financial capital of the world, it makes sense to ensure your next office refurbishment harnesses new technologies.

Key Questions to Ask Yourself Today…

Before your office fit out goes ahead, ask these critical questions:

  • How can I make better use of space?
  • What is zapping work productivity now?
  • What do we need to change to get the best out of staff?