Is It Time For An Office Innovation?

How would you define an office refurbishment? Is it simply about rearranging the furniture, updating old IT systems, or giving the office a lick of paint?

Not these days. In truth, an office refurbishment is taking on a new shape. Rather than simply updating what’s obsolete, London companies use a commercial fit out as an opportunity to innovate.

To make prudent changes which benefit the business, as well as inspire creativity in employees, takes some serious thought.

A useful starting point is to remember that our workplace is really an extension of ourselves… Seeing as we spend so much time in it, it has a huge impact on our wellbeing, happiness and success.

It makes sense, then, to take a different approach to your office refurbishment – one which encompasses the bigger picture from every angle.

Make it work

An innovative workspace must work for the people who use it… Take Apple, for instance. Its second headquarters, currently under construction, is set to enhance how staff work and behave within its surroundings.

Reminiscent of a space ship, it’s designed to be a high-tech, vibrant place to work. And yet, at the heart of this design is people. Steve Job’s vision was to inspire ultimate creativity in his staff…

It’s an ethos worth emulating. Think visual elements… Think about a refurbishment  which encompasses practical designs that inspire people to work better.

Get active

An active office design, encouraging employees to move around, can inspire greater creativity. As well as a variety of workstation choices such as sit-stand desks and open break-out areas, mobile technology can give your staff added flexibility.

Think bean bags, an impromptu meeting at a coffee bar, comfy sofas with floppy cushions. Anything which gets your staff energised and yet feel at home will instantly raise their productivity levels.

 Keep it natural

Connecting the workforce to nature during the working day promotes happiness and sharper thinking. Which is why you can’t underestimate the importance of biophilic design elements in an office.

Best of all, design options are limitless – from harnessing daylight and natural, textured materials, to incorporating living walls, wooden decking and water features.