What Does Contemporary Office Design Look Like?

Facebook HQ, Menlo Park, CA

Social Media giant Facebook recently moved into its brand new offices in California. And what a space it is!  Though it’s the largest open plan office on the planet, it’s a down-to-earth workplace where people can connect.

Mark Zuckerberg remarked how he wanted to create a ‘sense of community and connection among our teams.’ Plus, design a space where people could move around easily, work in comfort and collaborate with others.

Despite its enormity, the workspace contains cosy, informal places where people can get together – or work in peace by themselves. On top of that, staff perks include a coffee bar, library, serviced kitchen, cafe – and even a Facebook ‘wall’ which visitors can sign… Inspired!

Quirky, modern wall art blending with the building’s original features, offers staff a stimulating place to work…

YouTube’s Offices, Reading, UK
Creating a Workable Space

When planning an office fit-out or refurbishment, the space has to work for you and your staff. More than that, contemporary office designers focus on how to create a motivating environment which staff warm to – so they feel connected to where they work.

How can you make sure that your staff feel that they belong? That their needs are considered? That they matter?  Think about a typical London commute. Packed tube, late trains, and gridlocked traffic. Just the journey itself can be a nightmare!

On arriving at the office after a stressful commute, employees often start each day on the wrong foot. Instead, consider the value of feel-good factors to help people get into a working mindset. What difference would a fully-equipped kitchen with snacks and drinks make? Or comfy sofas to relax on – even office showers to freshen up?

But what about strike days where commuting is at meltdown? Does your technology set-up enable staff to work from home?  Mobile technology needn’t restrict staff to the office desk, nowadays.

That’s why designing flexible, adaptable offices to weather any storm – or strike – is the way forward.