How Important is Technology to Office Design?

IT is advancing at a rattling pace these days… The scenario of staff chained to dedicated desks with immovable computers is also changing. We’d be so bold as to say that a digital revolution is happening across office interiors…

Consequently, IT is no longer an afterthought. How we work is now just as important as what we do. Technology – and its capabilities – is a predominant feature of London commercial fit outs today. And at an earlier stage than ever before.

There are some compelling reasons why businesses need to equip a 21st century office from the ground up. Helping staff work collaboratively and efficiently are two of the biggest driving forces.



How Many Work Days Do You Lose?

According to a recent survey, 7.5 million work days are lost a week in the UK. Why? Poor technology is to blame. What impact would these have on your staff?

  • Slow internet connection
  • Crashing computers and outdated software
  • Static desktop computers which can’t be moved

It stands to reason: if IT lets staff down, it leads to frustration, low morale and ultimately inefficiency.

And yet, when companies invest in their IT infrastructure by upgrading networks or fitting out the office with the latest digital equipment, the potential for growth is boundless.

Is Your Office Design Flexible Enough?

We’ve all visited commercial premises where cables clutter up the floor space. Or where there is no allowance for agile working…

Not only are cables unsightly and impractical, they are being superseded by cleaner wireless networks integrated seamlessly into the interior design. Essential when you want to maximise space.

What about other practicalities? Before your London office refurbishment gets off the ground, ask yourself whether current IT equipment enables flexible working. With smart technology available now, commercial offices needn’t be littered with bulky tower PCs.

The use of smaller, accessible laptops and tablets – even employees’ own mobile technology – is a trend set to rise.

Of course, keeping pace with technology is something we’re all up against. Little wonder then that modern office interiors now feature more versatile and flexible systems…