Five Signs it is Time to Move Office

When you’re busy with the day to day, it’s easy to miss the clues that it’s time to relocate office. Because your staff is good at adapting to environments, you might not see there’s a problem unless you look closer.

What are the tell-tale signs that your current office isn’t fit for purpose? Here are a few of them…

1. Too cramped

When a company grows and new staff come on board, the temptation is to squeeze more desks into an already stretched space. Plus new team members need storage space, and put extra pressure on staff facilities. Consequently a packed office leaves little room for business expansion or employee happiness.

2. Staff problems


When the office environment is not up to scratch, you’ll experience higher incidents of staff conflict, absenteeism and high staff turnover. If staff can’t work to their potential, low morale kicks in – leaving to productivity dips.

A larger infrastructure which accommodates your employees’ needs – plus offers collaboration opportunities as well as private zones – can increase motivation and productivity.

3. Outdated design

A rundown, tired office that has not changed in years won’t reflect a modern, progressive brand to potential clients. Neither will it attract the best-of-the-best staff in London. A fresh modern space will!

Whether you opt for an office refurbishment or move to a newer premises, a versatile, vibrant space can make all the difference.

4. Wrong location


The commercial landscape in London is ever changing. And yet often the same types of businesses cluster together in a hot part of the city. If you’re isolated in the wrong place, this can count against you. If you’re in the right place, meanwhile, you can attract more clients, skilled workers and enhance your brand image.

Plus because new areas are opening up all the time – and will continue to once initiatives such as CrossRail is established – it’s important to make sure that if you do want to relocate, that you choose one which offers opportunity.

5. Cost of staying put

While it’s well known that a commercial relocation in London will cost money, it is also true to say that it could cost you more if you stay put.

If your office isn’t running efficiently, isn’t in the right area or can’t cope with further growth, it’s likely you’ll lose out on winning tenders and that fabulous staff won’t stay loyal.

Equally, if you’ve too much underused space, downsizing can cut costs – helping you run a far more efficient business.