The Power of Colour in Office Design

Can an injection of colour motivate a workforce? Can colour inspire healthy minds and bodies? Put simply, yes. The colour of your office can have a huge impact on the overall mood, productivity, and motivation of your employees. So, what does this mean for your office refurbishment or fit out?

What is colour psychology?

Colour psychology is a significant aspect of modern office design. In essence, it is about creating a space which both reflects your business and values to clients and visitors, but also creates a positive, inspiring atmosphere for all your staff. As colour is subjective, it is useful to look to research and colour psychology for guidance when designing your office.

An inspiration of colour:

Which key colours inspire? Drawing from nature, classic blues and greens are perennial favourites. Blue is known for its soothing properties, as well as its association with authority. As a colour linked to productivity, blue is ideal for meeting or boardrooms as it can promote creative thinking and problem-solving.

Green, meanwhile, is a restful hue which in turn helps to stimulate thinking. Easy on the eyes, green prevents eye fatigue and helps employees to feel calm. Another way of injecting green into the office is the use of biophilia, as green plants help to reduce stress and boost employee mental health.

Colours for collaboration:

As more companies adapt to a hybrid working model, the need for collaborative spaces is becoming increasingly essential. Colours such as yellow, orange and red are perfect to use for collaboration and agile areas. These colours represent excitement, happiness, and energy. Use of these colours can help to stimulate mental activity and result in improved creativity and innovative thinking.

An accent of colour:

One of the most effective ways to add colour into an office design is by using accent colours, dashes of brightness that can help break up or bring warmth to a larger area covered in neutral or cool colours. This is a great way to provide visual stimuli that can install a boost of energy and creativity.

Optimise your brand through colour:

A lot of businesses tend to use colours that match their company brand. Brand has a huge role to play as brand colours can connect people, including staff and visitors, to a brand and their associated values. One of the key areas to consider is the reception space where guests and potential clients arrive. This area can ensure that the brand is instantly recognisable and that it evokes the desired emotional response.

The power of furniture:

While feature walls can make a big impact, colour can also be injected into the design through office furniture, ceiling, and floor finishes. The work from home trend has prompted a shift from functional desks and chairs to items that are a little softer and come in a wide range of colours as businesses try to make the workplace look and feel more homely.

Injecting colour with art:

Another way of injecting some colour into the workplace is through manifestation, artwork, and tactile features like living walls. Soft neutrals essentially offer a blank canvas, by adding accents of colours, you can transform your office environment into a productive, stimulating space.

The colour palette and tones selected for any work environment have the potential to have a major impact on everything from employee productivity, workplace wellbeing and importantly, their general mood. For more information, speak to one of our workplace specialists.